Dave Rose Signs Contract through 2015-2016

By: Mitch Harper (Twitter: @Mitch_Harper)

Quit the speculation people.  Dave Rose, “our coach” is coming back next season and will be the man leading this program til at least the 2015-2016 season.

Coach Rose signed a new contract today keeping him as BYU’s Head Coach.  Rose had programs like Oklahoma, North Carolina State, and Utah coming after him.  Rumors of other programs were pursuing Rose as well, but Rose will be back in Provo.

There was never any doubt that he was going to come back.  He is loyal to this program, and wants to fulfill the promises he has sent to recruits and other people involved with the program to be carried out.  And at the end of the day, the programs that were coming after him were not better jobs than what BYU has to offer.

BYU and the Athletic Department though had to give a new commitment to BYU Basketball that has never been seen before.  BYU Basketball is one of the premiere programs out West now, it’s time to act like one.  Rose needed a commitment and he is receiving it.

With BYU being a private institution financial terms of Rose’s contract are not disclosed.  But as President Cecil O. Samuelson put it, “We believe he’s the finest coach at any level, (so) whatever he is paid, he’ll be underpaid, economically.”


BYU Assistant Head Coach Dave Rice is still a leading candidate for the job at his alma mater, UNLV.  Along with Rice other candidates for the UNLV job include, Reggie Theus a former Reb from the late 70s of the Tarkanian era, Mike Dunlap a current assistant at St. John’s, and Ernie Kent former coach at Oregon.

Rice and Theus though look to be the leading cadidates to get the job.  And if the Rebs offer Rice, one can only expect that Rice would take it.  Deservingly so.  He’s one of the top assistants in the game right now.

If Rice does get a Head Coaching gig look for Tim LaComb to take over as Rose’s top assistant.  Then filling in for LaComb will be Mike Hall the current Director of Basketball Operations.  Rose has promoted his Director of Basketball Operations every time a coach on the staff leaves.  LaComb and Nashif were all promoted from the Director of Basketball Operations spot.

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